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..when space is created the ground moves in and brings you new energy, new vitality, new strength..

Sandra Sabatini...Breath the essence of yoga.



'It's about undoing....letting go.... releasing.... allowing....opening... softening....'

Sandra Sabatini

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Hatha Yoga

Yoga postures (asanas) stretch, flex and extend the spine. They create space in the joints and undo stiffness and tension, increasing stamina and keeping the body strong and supple. Yoga postures help to improve the posture, increasing energy levels and feeling of well-being. Yoga postures are combined with breathing to stimulate the circulation and also the digestive and nervous systems, to keep the body healthy and energetic.

Breathing practices (pranayama) help to relieve stress, calm the nervous system and improve oxygenation of the body. Breathing becomes fuller and easier. This in turn increases energy, improves the metabolic function by cleansing the body and is beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

Relaxation allows muscles to soften and release tension, reduces stress and blood pressure, calms the nervous system and clears the mind, promoting better sleep patterns.

Yoga aids concentration and helps to generate a feeling of well being and optimism



Yoga for Pregnancy

Movements are used to help relieve the common discomforts in pregnancy, to create space, to release the pelvic area, to build strength and stamina, in preparation for labour and birth. Breathing techniques are taught to help release tension, to stay calm and focused, to build self-confidence, increase energy and for use during labour.

Relaxation techniques are taught to help with pain management, regulating hormones and blood pressure and to calm and refresh, particularly helpful during late pregnancy when sleep is difficult.

My aim is that you will learn tools to prepare you physically and mentally for your journey into motherhood, so that you will go into your labour and birth feeling positive, calm and confident in your body's ability.

Although there is no guarantee that your birth experience will be exactly how you envisage it, you will have practiced how to remain open - minded and calm knowing that the tools you have learnt increase your chances of a positive, empowering birth experience.



Post Natal & Baby Yoga

Yoga offers babies the experience of moving combined with touch. It helps to strengthen their bodies and develops their sense of coordination. It can also help improve the digestion, bring relief to colicky babies and help to settle them and improve sleep patterns.

Babies will love the songs, rhymes and movements which help to develop all their senses. The baby massage will help your baby to relax, improve the circulation and enhance the bond between you.

Practicing yoga with your baby will at the same time allow you to enjoy playing, stretching and relaxing together, toning your abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, easing shoulder tension from cradling and feeding, realigning the posture after pregnancy and helping to balance hormonal changes following childbirth.

Relaxing with your baby enables you to teach your baby cues for indicating a time of relaxation together and can be helpful if your baby is upset or tired. It also allows you a time of self-nurture, to recharge your batteries at any time you need to during your day.

There is an opportunity at the end of this class for a chat and to link up with other mums and babies.