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..when space is created the ground moves in and brings you new energy, new vitality, new strength..

Sandra Sabatini...Breath the essence of yoga.



'It's about undoing....letting go.... releasing.... allowing....opening... softening....'

Sandra Sabatini

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Post natal Recovery Yoga for Mums & Babies

The classes are suitable for any woman from 6 weeks after the birth until your baby starts to crawl - no previous experience of yoga is necessary. Come along when you feel ready.

These informal, supportive classes offer the perfect way to gently tone muscles, especially the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. This helps in realigning and strengthening the pelvic area after birth. Movements are offered that help to relieve the strain on the shoulders and back from cradling and feeding baby. Relaxation techniques are offered to help revive your energy levels, balance emotional / hormonal changes following the birth and cope with lack of sleep.

The classes are an ideal way of sharing the joy of yoga with your baby. During the classes babies are included in the practices, enjoying the songs / rhymes and passive stretches with their mums. This enhances the bond between you and your baby. It can help relieve a colicky baby, settle a fussy baby and may improve sleep patterns.

The classes are a great way of getting to know other mums and babies in a friendly and supportive environment. Babies who need to be changed, fed or cry are all very welcome! Mums with twins may bring another person with them or Nicki is very happy to look after one of the babies during the class. Babies who have specific needs for example Cystic fibrosis, Downs Syndrome are also very welcome. Please feel free during the classes to do whatever you need to for your baby's comfort. A happy baby means a happy mum.

At the end of the class there is the opportunity for a chat and to link up with other mums and babies.

You will need to bring a non-slip mat, cushion/pillow and blanket for yourself, a blanket for your baby and anything else you think your baby might need.

Courses are ongoing so it is possible to join a course partway through if there is space. Contact Nicki to enquire.


Mondays 1.00 -2.15pm

Garden Room, Community Centre @
Christ Church SN1 3HG

Bookings now being taken for

25 February through to 1 April 2019



St Albans Church, Ironside Drive, Watchfield

Thursdays 11.00am - 12.15

Bookings now being taken for

28 February through to 4 April 2019



























Developmental Baby Massage


Through a parent's loving touch babies receive many physical and emotional benefits. The most powerful massage baby receives is during birth itself as baby is pushed through the birth canal. By continuing a similar pattern of physical stimulation as your baby develops you are following nature's way of boosting your baby's resilience. The techniques you learn will help with a variety of common digestive discomforts and teething pains. If your baby was born by c section, was premature, has Downs or Cystic Fibrosis, baby massage is even more beneficial. Massaging your baby strengthens all your baby's sytems - respiratory, circulatory, nervous, immune as well as musculo-skeletal system. It allows you to express emotional affection and meet your baby's need for physical contact. It helps to calm the emotions and relieve any trauma associated with birth and adapting to life outside the womb. It encourages confidence in handling baby and strengthens your relationship, particularly beneficial for fathers. As your baby grows and develops massage helps fulfill your baby's physical potential from birth to sitting, to standing and mobility. The massage techniques can be carried on into early childhood.


At teacher or parent's home by arrangement

Sessions last 1 hour 15 mins

Group or 1-1 sessions, single session or course by arrangement