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..when space is created the ground moves in and brings you new energy, new vitality, new strength..

Sandra Sabatini...Breath the essence of yoga.



'It's about undoing....letting go.... releasing.... allowing....opening... softening....'

Sandra Sabatini

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Yoga for Women's Health

90 minutes of exclusive time for you! Take a break from the demands of work / motherhood to nurture and nourish yourself.
Release the stresses and strain of daily life.

Yoga postures to strengthen the pelvic floor, abdomen and back. Movements to release tension from the back and shoulders. Weight bearing postures to improve bone density.

Other health benefits include:

Relieve PMS / menopausal symptoms
Relieve piles
lowering of blood pressure and stress hormones
calming the mind
relieving mild symptoms of depression

The sessions end with breathing practices and deep relaxation to aid restful sleep.

Places limited to 10 people.


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Birth Preparation Workshop

These workshops are for women from 32 weeks and their birth partners. Women are also very welcome to come alone.

These workshops help you to prepare yourself for labour and birth. They will aid in understanding the process of birth, reducing fear and doubt, and increasing confidence.

They provide a range of techniques and strategies which will enable you both to play an active part in labour and birth with practical work on:

  • breathing techniques - the key tool for labour and birth
  • positions and movement - to aid optimal position for baby's journey, make space in pelvis to aid birth of baby
  • birthing positions
  • how to use a birthing ball
  • massage - you will learn a variety of techniques and how this is an effective tool for relieving discomfort and lessening perception of pain in labour.

There will be handouts to take away. It is advisable to practice at home regularly so that the techniques can be easily remembered when in labour.

We will also look at:

  • preparation during last few weeks of labour
  • the important role of partners
  • signs of labour
  • stages of labour
  • role of sound in labour
  • fear and how to cope
  • use of water in labour
  • first few days with baby - emotions, hormones

Please bring with you:

  • 2 pillows or cushions
  • a birthing ball if you have one.
  • you may find a pen and notepad useful
  • all participants need to wear loose, comfortable clothing

The workshop is for 2 hours and complements the pregnancy yoga class.

Refreshments are provided.

Date: 9 Feb 2019, 6 April 2019
Time: 10.00 - 12.00
Venue: St Paul's Church Centre, St Paul's Drive Swindon, SN3 5BY


Couples Birth Preparation

If you are unable to come along to a workshop I can offer a one off birth preparation with your partner in your home at a mutually convenient time.